Hey Friend!

My wife and I moved to Nashville in 2012.  We were sponsored by local churches to start a new initiative to bless the international community here in Nashville.  While hosting an international student for dinner we soon realized how little support new students had upon arrival in the US.  The universities could not meet all the needs of he 400+ new students that were coming each summer.  That's why we decided to do something about it and started Nations of Nashville.

We talked with Vanderbilt ISSS and started an Airport Pickup program to welcome new students.  Later we added a Temporary Accommodation program.  Many students were not able to find an apartment before arriving due to various difficulties.  By providing temporary accommodation, students were able to take their time to get situated in a new city (and country) and find the apartment they wanted.  

We started these programs to be a blessing to the nations that are coming to Nashville.  But we soon realized that it is actually we and our volunteers who are the blessed ones!  Time and time again, we have made life-long friends from around the globe.  We hope you will be part of our story too.  

Since 2015, Nations of Nashville has been operated solely by volunteers including myself.  Currently, Dan is the full-time pastor of a multi-ethnic church in Nashville called Unity Church EM (www.unitychurchem.com)

See you in Nashville!