• Airport Pickup + Accommodation

     Sign up here for Airport Pickup and/or Student Hostel and we will have a friendly local family welcome you at the airport and take you to where you need to go.  Please register at least 7 days in advance or we cannot guarantee service.  We are an NGO so any donations are greatly appreciated!

  • Airport Pickup

    We will have a local family welcome you and pick you up from the baggage claim area. Suggested donation is $10, however any donation amount accepted!
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  • Student Guesthouse

    Please note, students will stay with either a host family (limited availability) or at a multi-purpose building of a church. You will have beds, showers, internet, light breakfast, and a driver will take you around in the day.
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  • Waiver notice: By clicking "Submit" you acknowledge that Airport Pickup and Short-term Accommodation is a service provided by Nations of Nashville and is not affiliated with Vanderbilt university.  You also agree that Nations of Nashville nor the persons volunteering to pick you up from the airport will be responsible for any mishap or problem that may arise during the time of airport transportation.  This liability waiver extends to any mishap or problem arising during Short-term Accommodation (if provided). Thank you.

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